Friday, February 28, 2014

MRSA & Super-bug Business Opportunities just begging for some attention!

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While tried and tired business opportunities for devices dry up, there are some that are being discovered, though one gets the feel that some of these were simply ignored. HealthDay is reporting a freshly minted publication in February's Mayo Clinic Proceedings. This study details how researchers tested physicians examining patients with stethoscopes, and found out that the diaphragms are second only to fingertips in terms of picking up bacteria! Now, is that eye catching or what?

The Opportunity? A simple solution for the Developing and Developed World, of course would be to sanitize the diaphragm between patients. However, how about a single-use, disposable, sterile sleeve that one quickly throws on the diaphragm and then discards after use?

Caveats? Before you get very excited though, remember it is just one brainstorm. And while you can undertake your own ensuing idea storming, I will just offer a few caveats to consider:

1. Why would this sleeve be more attractive than, say, just sanitizing the stethoscope diaphragm? Obviously you have to provide compelling solutions.

2. How would you ensure that the sleeve is removed after a single use? This can be designed in.

3. Who pays? Reimbursing preventive care can always be a bit tricky.

4. How will you stay competitive?

As you can see, any opportunity comes with its issues. MRSA and other drug-resistant antibiotics represent a grave danger for humans going forward, and there are huge market opportunities to be conquered.

Reference: HealthDay Article

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