Friday, April 12, 2013

Brief: Anthem Blue Cross is unbrazen as it's vindictive business practices lay exposed in California

Note: I don't have much time nowadays so I am switching to quick updates on key issues rather than wait till I have time to post in the long form I am used to.

I first came across this article on the erstwhile ducknetweb, and it makes for an incredible read. I generally do not like reproducing other peoples' hard work as a blog post, but I think Anthem Blue Cross's vindictive business could use all the bad publicity it can get, especially since they plan to appeal a decision against them, rather than apologize to the victims, including the Doctor they rejected from their network and the several patients on whose behalf he fought with Anthem Blue Cross.

Jeffrey Nordella, a doctor who doubled as a patient advocate stood up against Anthem Blue Cross when they rejected patient claims. He put up a brave fight, and in return Anthem Blue Cross barred him from participating in their network. The Supreme Court of California had clearly stated in a 2000 case that when insurance companies kick doctors out of their network, they must give them due process.

Such minor details or a clear verdict from a jury are of no consequence to Anthem Blue Cross apparently. Read for yourself.

I am going to post the links here, and I hope that you will go through them, read and understand what happened here, and, if you happen to be in a similar situation, you will be ready for a long fight!




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