Thursday, December 06, 2007

Healthcare: Just what were you thinking?

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In a quest for some justice, Californians have struck gold...again! Las Vegas is not the gambler's haven...California is. You know I read a blog yesterday: they were trying to enlist which CEOs should go back to Business School here:

There seems to be a special B. school that CEOs of all companies doing business in California should go to: The "Don't be stupid enough to fight the State of California" Business School..

Kaiser and Blue Cross should have really spent some time looking at how bad their previous experience has been, and tried to fix things before they blew up so much.

Instead, they gambled with the law in the most populous and, veritably one of the most activist states in the US. Now, all insurance companies that have used dubious insurance schemes will have to deny insurance to Californians will see a spurt in class action lawsuits.

This is another representative example of how poor practices will simply not go down with health insurance and the law will catch up sooner or later

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