Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Update: Its Riegel, Riegel and more Riegel at the Supreme Court, on blogs and everywhere else...

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[According to the WSJ, The Drug And Device Law Blog is the best. I will let you make your own conclusions :), but it is a true blog, in that they posted a written report by a third party and their comments on the proceedings]

So Riegel is everywhere. Everybody who thinks they are some kind of a journalist, a legal expert or a medical devices expert is writing about it, no matter how little they are adding in terms of new information or value. How, but how could I leave myself out of this? I want to feel important way of some n'th association...

Anyway, coming back to reality, it appears that Medtronic, not surprisingly, is set to win this one. Federal pre-emption is set to win anyway. I am guessing this will be my pre-final update on the Riegel case..

All said, I would hope this doesn't open a bleeding wound whereby, jury trials become harder and harder to obtain against drug and device makers, societally speaking.

More or less folklore, it is not uncommon that State Regulations tend to be stricter than Federal Regulations, atleast in some of the "activist" states. This has led to better regulations at the Federal level and the Federal Justice System should not become "a path of least resistance" for the real wrongdoers [Medtronic, not being one of them] to "get away with it".

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