Saturday, December 08, 2007

Forget Genetic Planning and all that - Good, old style self-torture is alive and kicking!

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The big argument that certain religious groups and paranoia-professors is that once genetics and cloning advance enough, people will be able to choose the eye color, height, weight and other characteristics. After placing this argument, they also aptly display shock to try and drive home the message.

I wonder how they would respond to this new surgical technique that helps you grow your limbs - quite painfully. So, orthopedic surgeons took a surgery they only use to perform for people recovering from traumatic injuries or from congenital defects to ... well, anyone who has the money and a story to go with why they would have this surgery done on themselves.

Shouldn't there be a review of ethical issues on braking someone's legs on purpose? Being short is bad now? I am 5'5". Should I go into bouts of depression over this "defect" as opposed to the many other, more easily corrected problems in my life?

Wouldn't it be easier to counsel someone on how they would really appear to people if it were to be revealed that they had their legs fractured so that they wouldn't feel bad?

Oh well, for all you "cloning" and "genetic cleansing" naysayers out there, manicure, pedicure and "limb elongation" are all symptoms of a desire to misuse tools that are meant to heal that precede inventions and tools that are supposed to help those suffering through trauma or from congenital defects.

So, please, think twice before you kill the messenger...

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