Thursday, December 13, 2007

Commonsense and/or a fear of dead patients prevails in China..

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I don't know what ticked off the Chinese initially - that they required a "near 100% inspection of ALL imported medical devices". Maybe it was the fact that they were packing toys with lead...yes it did happen, but enough with it already....

Maybe it was global ex gratias such as Lou Dobbs who have the genius of converting minor issues into apparent major disasters.

Maybe it was the fact that the US and folks around the world in general over-reacted to production quality of Chinese goods.

Well whatever it is, both parties are guilty. If production coming out of China was truly off quality, it was not just the factories that needed to share the blame - atleast not always. Many US and other international organizations have subsidiaries in China. Wouldn't it be a shared responsibility then, to reassure everyone of product quality?

Would it hurt Walmart and other toy stores if they checked products for lead or other mishaps before loading them on stores? Apparently, it would! They are unwilling to play their part - then their yellow smiley cannot keep smiling as the prices would go up. So they blame it on China...and a guy hangs himself...truly nasty!

And, recently China seized toys and products coming into their country from elsewhere that had product only proves one thing. Many of these companies and countries share a common attitude when dealing with China, "Do as I say and not as I do...."

Would it really work?



Simple: China is an emerging superpower. Keep ticking them off and lose any percentage of 1.3 billion (and counting) customers. Same would go for China.

The equations and dynamics are changing. The difference between the "old" world and the "new" world is shrinking..helped by a dollar that is on a downward sliding scale. Even when the dollar picks up, if it does, as predicted in 2009, the world would have changed by then....

Companies and countries should realize this, and learn to present a picture of equanimity and commonsense when criticizing...and of course make sure they don't have glass doors before they throw stones at anyone else! So can someone shut up Lou Dobbs already?

But China, how naughty of you?! Did you really think you could do a 100% incoming inspection....And Thank God for the patients who really need those medical devices!

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