Monday, August 10, 2020

Update: Newsom does say buck stops with him, as he points fingers outward...


This is a quick update to the post I wrote from this morning, regarding the resignation of Angell, California's Public Health Director late on Sunday. On that I mentioned, and I will quote here: 

For a true leader, the buck stops with you. Not a few levels below you! Especially not on scientists and public health officials. 

And of course, he then gave a press conference where he said the following:

“I’m governor, the buck stops with me.” 

Well that is good, and you can read about it in the link below, but here are still some unknowns and bothersome things:

1. Why did she have to resign? We still haven't heard what he has to say about that. 

2. If the state did inherit a bad database system, why did they not try to fix it till it was broken? And if the buck stops with you, then why bother passing it on again, in the same presser?


So, I don't know about you. I am still not impressed. You can't simply say the buck stops with you and then have a trained health professional resign. So, we are still where we were, except Newsom's questionable leadership stands a bit more exposed. 

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