Thursday, February 04, 2016

Today is World Cancer Day

My plans for posting on this blog more frequently have not gone too well so far. But, I will keep trying till I get to that point. I ended up at my desk this morning to find out that today, February 4, is World Cancer Day, and this repeats each year.

If I had known earlier, I would have written up a post and tried to add some valuable information. Since I didn't, I have done a few things. I added this to my calendar, that I started creating last year. I will keep trying to add key events and dates to this calendar. I will embed it again in this post. Take a look, add yourself and/or send me dates, events, thoughts and suggestions.

Some Reading Material

I have been mulling about this informative write up on what it cost to provide President Jimmy Carter with the treatment that has helped recover recently. I might post something about it in due course, but here is some key reading for any stakeholder involved in cancer research:

Learn More About World Cancer Day

To learn more about World Cancer Day itself, go here:

A Nascent Effort

Cancer Research is one of my key passions. As with our modern, disorganized life, I find myself losing track of information, data and resources. So, I came up with the idea of a Wiki Site for me to store and share information, curated specifically on cancer research, treatment, politics and other related issues. It is very nascent and skeletal right now, but expect more changes as time progresses. You can take a look here:

The Medical Awareness Calendar Again

As with some of my other projects, this is work in progress and will become data rich over time. For now, I am reposting, for your perusal, comments and thoughts:

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