Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Acne Apps Scandal - how a select few make everyone suffer...

Lately, there has been so much yelling and screaming by concerned "non-profits" and their "friends" about how taxes kill innovation, patents kill innovation, regulations kill innovation and pretty much anything that the party they support does not endorse kills innovation (I don't care about your politics, but stop being so transparent, please!).
And yet, for all this noise they throw out, the signals in their brains appear too weak. On one end, they hark about taxes, and on the other end they hang on to aging, inconsequential CEOs. On the other hand, what the hell do people think when, 
1. They let people design and sell apps that "cure" Acne by pointing a cell phone at something? Why did the FTC have to intervene? What is fundamentally wrong with Apple and Google that they did not actively seek out this nonsense and stop it.
2. There were 15,000 downloads of the apps. I am hoping about 14,990 of these downloads were done for a joke? Yeah, I live in fantasy land. Well you know, if we weren't this silly, why would a Government need to regulate such fundamental things?
Irresponsibility - the origin of regulation
Pharmaceutical, device and now app regulations arise because companies act irresponsibly. Sometimes so gravely and with such transparency and ulterior motives that it causes one to pause. The two acne apps are excellent examples of such behavior.
The industry cannot condone such action on one hand, and continue to seek fewer regulations on the other hand. It is just not going to happen. There are more than the 15,000 geniuses that downloaded the apps, and some of us think! - And when we do, we think for all of us, just not some of us!
The few that ruin it for the many
If, among the whiners and complainers, there are ones that really want less regulation, they need to take on the few that ruin it for all of us. Don't simply stand by everyone that crosses your path. Take a stance, fight back and then maybe, we can get some of those regulations down. 
If you simply want to complain, good luck..

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