Saturday, December 11, 2010

Healthgamescamp - liveblog: "It's crazy and wild and fun"

"It's crazy and wild and fun" - that is what David, one of the co-organizers has to say. I would agree. The event started at about 1:00pm, with the usual exercise where we all created "visual doodles" to paste on our upper bodies and carry on our selves as we walked around, chatted and engaged in making friends.

So far we had a couple of warm up exercises, including demo games from volunteers on converting first time customers into repeat, loyal customers and one on dating...go figure!

We followed up with an idea session, where we threw up ideas on 3x5s and now are going through a grouping exercise followed by a pitch of our skills in specific areas related to the groups of games...oh fun. Here are a few images for your reference.

More to follow! Watch this space

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