Friday, May 07, 2010

MedTech: A great bioscience resource for folks in New York

Whether you are working on a medical device company, a biotechnology company or a pharmaceutical company, and regardless of your size, you will always need resources. You may not want to "fly" someone in a few times a year and fret about the bills. Everyone talks about networking, but it is always good to have a backbone to rely on.

Recently, I was contacted by Jill Zimmerman, the director of marketing and communications at MedTech, a non-profit trade association serving bioscience companies in New York. MedTech has an interesting model. There is a very clearly laid out strategy to serve bioscience companies in New York. Memberships are collected from participating organizations, rather than from individuals, which I guess makes for a more sustainable model with better outreach.

MedTech also has an impressive strategy to serve it's members, including public outreach, marketing and promotion of the industry and networking.

So, if you are moving to the New York Area and starting afresh, it may not be a bad idea to check out and see if your organization already participates in MedTech.

Events and Such

You can never have enough life science events, ever. So, looking at the rather impressive roster of events that MedTech, I am a bit jealous, positively speaking :).

You can find out more here:

If you are new to CAPA or just need a refresher, events like this might be for you:

They also listed a webcast coming up for 5/12. I almost never have time for these things even though I promise myself I will. I still signed up, and will try my best to make it to this one.


Networking in interdisciplinary bioscience fields is very, very important. Find organizations such as MedTech that serve you locally, and when you find them, don't let go. Do you know of other resources that would be useful to folks? Please share them with me!



Unknown said...

I am familiar with MedTech. They are are a great organization. I often find useful information on their website. We have attended some of their events. They make serving the medical device industry much easier for our company. We supply custom precision machined plastic components and bonded manifolds to this industry.

Tom R.

Srihari Yamanoor said...

Thanks for sharing, Tom!

Anonymous said...

Srihari, I am in NY and can vouch for MedTech (and your blog praising them for their work). We provide real-time dimensional thickness measurement for medical devices and other transparent and semi-permeable materials. MedTech is a major asset to the local economy for helping to foster business development. We are lucky to have such a gem amongst us here in New York!

Unknown said...

Great post!

I firmly agree that the MedTech has an interesting model and I often find useful information on their website regarding the most Biotech updates. And there is a very clearly laid out strategy to serve bioscience companies in New York which probably the big boost for the bioscience companies.

One can also look for the href= target_blank”> Simulation Medical demonstration kits which are the ideal solution for pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies to explain how a new drug/therapy is administered.  It is also the perfect tool for medical device companies requiring the ability to demonstrate their products to customers.