Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog brief: Inventables - a nice resource for your medical device projects

Recently, I was contacted by Zach Kaplan, the CEO of "", a clean, fast website that allows you to look for specific materials and technologies. They have a significant medical section that I did find interesting. It is not an exhaustive link, mind you, but I think it has great potential to get there.

To keep things very simple, I tested out some very simple keyword searches:

1. My favorite (not) "stent"

2. Bone cement

3. Camera (a pleasant surprise on the results) and so on.

With these tests I found some valuable information on the certain materials and manufacturing technologies. If you have been in the industry for a while, you may react with a yawn, but if you are new, I believe the site holds quite a bit of promise. Things load fast and the information is there to tag you.

When I hit larger terms such as phlebotomy or atria or even something mundane as heart, I did not get good results. I won't blame the website though, it is a factor of learning to search for stuff. As it is, many times, when you are working on device projects, you are at a loss as to where to start the search. The thing to note is, having inventables as one of the places to go to, might not be a bad idea.

When you do get search results, you are now in touch with vendors. If you are a small vendor trying to reach a wider market, this may not be a bad idea at all. I am sure there is a path to organic evolution where we will land on the right search results that will lead to the right products and/or information.


I think like many of those emerging tools, inventables shows great potential!


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