Sunday, December 23, 2007

Want to feel like you are one of the idiots? - Mix it in .... and smoke marijuana?!

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Well, it was hopefully useful for atleast those who did the research - they got to spin the wheels once again.

College students smoke pot. Of course they think it helps them relax, they think it is against the "man" who is trying to stop them from experiment with the limits of their brain, it helps them perform better at..., okay, lets leave it at that.

So why do you need to do research to find that out? You think since Australia was "isolated" from the main land?

People who smoke marijuana - (unless they have cancer or AIDS, because it is a known domain where there is a real pain numbing effect) are just that - idiots!

Yes, you will learn what to do with folks like that - realize that all your efforts to teach them commonsense failed and you will move on.

Wonder whose research money got wasted into this effort in idiocy. I only thank my stars that I don't pay taxes in Australia. Otherwise, I will have to worry about their next research project....hmm, why do college students chug beer?

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