Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Can you teach your own doctor? Yes you can, if he or she slipped a little in medical school...

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So what were these guys doing in Medical School? We place medical doctors at a much higher level than fossil-brush doctors (paleantologists) or the other kind of doctors....

And in return, this is what we get!?

Well, bordering on the humorous, this indicates how little doctors seem to know about some of the most basic stuff, while they are overloaded with other stuff, which may be conventionally important.

This news comes this week, following some interesting revelations that most surgeons do not discuss reconstruction with their breast cancer patients:


Is this a marketing slip on the silicone peddlers? Have they failed in "inducing" patients to get reconstructive surgery because it belongs to another department - plastic surgery, and they won't get reimbursed for it?

Or, are they just plain insensitive? Apparently someone is guessing, it maybe because breast cancer surgeons think it may be a "hassle" to suggest so...

I agree, your patient might walk in the door just wanting to be rid of their cancer. While that may be their biggest bother at that point in time, they are definitely going to regret not thinking of life after cancer. Why? Because there is so much fear surrounding cancer - mostly realistic.

But it is a surgeon's great disservice in not sitting down and painting the whole picture for their patients?

I have heard other stories of how certain "gold standards" arose from a single, unverified opinion of one physician/surgeon!

And yes, before I leave, I am compelled to recollect my cliched rants about questionable dubious "innovations" such as drug eluting stents and rapid - exchange balloon angioplasty...

Are medical practitioners less compelled to initiate, read and follow scientific studies?

All this combined, makes me shudder at the thought of putting my life in the hands of a medico!

How about yourself?

Anyway, do read the article and find out if your doctor has been catching up with his/her reading. After that, double check your prescriptions.. :p

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