Thursday, July 12, 2007

The ABC Breast Cancer Mystery continues....

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It is the irony of idiopathy. News coming in today represents the 15th employee at ABC in Australia who has suffered from breast cancer. Several experts of varying orders of expertise have looked at this problem and have come up high and dry with any answers.

What is the reason? Is there a significance to any radiation source on or near the site? Or is the equipment faulty? Where is the trigger coming from? Are there multiple triggers?

With today's other news, pointing to the fact that the presence or absence of BRCA genes does not greatly influence cancer news...something to be taken with a pinch of salt as of yet, how, if ever are we going to pinpoint the disease's origin among ABC employees?

If we don't solve this mystery, sadly, several such mysteries occuring in the future may go unsolved.

There is a very urgent need for some brainstorming and clear-cut strategic examination of the ABC employees, their working conditions and any other aspects that may or may not eventually point to a cause.

How about comparing breast cancer incidence among employees working in news room worldwide?

Sadly, a community that is supposed to trigger justice and answers through its journalistic vocation itself is unable to find any answers...

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