Sunday, November 26, 2006

Defining the true right to life

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In 2006, we think we are a progressive society. We are working towards eliminating hunger, disease and suffering. However, in rich countries, life is becoming a joke. Religion plays a major role in deciding which group of cells is life and which isn't. A group of men want to decide whether women can choose.

This might have been the reason why FierceHealthcare posted this article with the title "controversy".

But after reading this heart moving story, I don't see any controversy. The mother of the child soon to be born asks the right questions. Is it alright for children to be coerced to be born, just because "God says so"?

Does God promote pediatric suffering? What happens when the children grow up and start demanding answers to these questions, of the "great" institutions?

I would support the mother's ability and choice in how her children are born and grow up any day. Why? I tend to believe in human beings. I am secure with myself, and with other human beings, even with the religious idiots, in their ability to be human. I don't have to hide behind a God to satisfy my private desires to control the lives of other human beings.

We tend to think the future will hold many "tough" ethical questions. However, if you realize that you have only so much control in deciding how you can bind and restrict other peoples' freedom, you will realize that these "tough" questions have very "simple" answers.

Good Luck to the mother and child!

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