Sunday, November 26, 2006

China: Soon to become the new home for animal testing

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The world economy is now very market driven. And this is something we thought would be great. But the market doesn't always do things many of us like. Now animal activists are in trouble. Soon, clinical search on animals will move to China. Good Luck protesting anything the Chinese Government does.

But if you hate animal activists, dont laugh to soon. You may not like stem cell research. Well, China and India don't have a problem with that.

This is the future. Hatred, outright protests and religion will not be effective as tools anymore. Whatever is unpleasant to one person, is now a great opportunity for another person.

Hence, the better way to end mass testing of animals, if that is what you wish, would be to appeal to the better sense of scientists - challenge them to develop testing models and methods that are both robust and animal friendly.

If you don't, and stick to rash methods, rest assured that they will just move somewhere else....

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