Friday, May 12, 2006

What are the problems you can face when you get your body pierced or you get a tatoo?

Let's not worry about the social consequences. This is not the blog for that, but I hope young people get advised about possible causes of embarassment (this is not a personal opinion, its an observation) in the future.

Moving on, health risks are quite high. While the article I jumped across, cites methods of dealing with body piercing and tatoos(which is well appreciated!), if you were to finally choose it, I believe there should be more stress on the needs to avoid either, via appropriate scientific documentation.

There doesn't seem to be a set of well grounded research documents that prevail upon the number of cases that go wrong, the appropriate statistics on injuries and other complications.

Hopefully, an assembly of these documents will educate people, both young and old on the medical reasons to avoid piercing and tatoos.

One would wish the "gruesome list" mentioned in the following article were more readily available:

Self Piercing: Something quite dangerous (again, articles are devoid of statistics)

A tiring look at the remaining search results on Google only yields such vague results. Helpful, but vague!

The conclusion: There is an urgent need for statistical review of such health dangers arising from activities prevalant among young adults.

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