Friday, May 12, 2006

Mysterious consumer software products - be excited, nay or be wary?

Quicken is a name I used to associate with software for taxes so long. Now, we know of a new venture, Quicken for HealthCare or something to that effect.

While this sounds promising, and is probably useful, where do the boundaries end for a software product that is useful for you to save and transact personal information, and where does exploitation begin?

Would this information be used to manipulate patients with terminal or other expensive diseases? Enter, poor Health Care Management practices which some big names are being accuesed of. Would these become dangerous tools in their hands?

Who will regulate them? Who has access to the information?

Let's not cheat ourselves. Any database is a data mine..

Now we have mystery companies from outside industries nosing into the healthcare industry with mysteriously dimly defined products.

We might have to wait that whole year, before we get a chance to scream, "Geronimo". But when our phone calls and emails are game, why not our healthrecords. All the government needs to do is, ask!

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