Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stanford: An interesting approach to educating diabetic patients

One of the main problems plaguing today's diabetic is education, information and support. There are several studies, reports and web pages that can aid in raising more alarm, than in actually helping the patients.

While this is the case, Stanford University has come up with a unique approach to type 2 Diabetes education. The study is a randomized approach(probably, part of a larger study aimed at understanding the effects of education on the lifestyle of diabetic patients), splitting the patients into two groups, separated by a course start date of six months. The six week course promises to provide a lot of useful information and suggestions for altering patient life-style to help deal with the problem of diabetes.

Another unique approach, though not new, is the use of diabetics as educators. This helps bring the patients closer, and makes them open, thus enabling them to discuss a lot of things they might not normally wish to discuss. It must be mentioned that diabetes is a disease associated with a lot of psychological struggle.

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