Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Making hay with bluetooth: Software aids patients to transfer important blood glucose monitoring data wirelessly

Continuous monitoring of patient data maybe a dream today. More so, would be the act of allowing for doctors to access this data anytime, or even allowing patients to access the data, feed it into capable computers, to get ready assessment of their conditions, dietary and pharmaceutical recommendations.

But, CreatorBlue is definitely a step in the right direction. If the product itself does not become the means to achieve the goal, it would sure serve as a very good prototype to examine the problems surrounding the design of similar products.

While little is known of the product pending its public release, such attempts should be closely monitored to understand their future implications.

mDiabetic is touted as a product that helps doctors and patients interact virtually for effective treatment. The company website has several links to help patients understand more about the disease, and also learn about carb levels associated with various food items.

To learn more, Mobile Diabetic: http://www.mdiabetic.com/

Footnote: Attempts to enhance help for diabetic patients through mobile applications is not new by any means. This was brainstormed extensively by my team at a class we took a few years ago. It is heartening to see an internet search for this topic bring out about extensive results.

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