Monday, May 22, 2006

Businessweek Cover: Dr. David Eddy and the discombobulation in the practice of medicine

Simulating a complex set of diseases and predicting their outcomes used to be a dream once upon a time.

The reality staring back at us a few years down the line, seems to be quite different! We are talking of routinely stimulating entire sets of diseases, complexly interwound among patients, and clinical studies on such patients.

This might very well be the future of medicine.

On the same note, it was a little worrisome to read some of the comments, supposedly from real doctors. Now, if that is the kind of trouble we are looking forward to, then, a bunch of simulation tools wont solve the problem per se...We need doctors to participate in revolutionalizing the field of medical practice.

Maybe someone should simulate how a doctor is supposed to navigate a barrage of pressures from the government, the patients, insurance companies, device and drug companies, the lawyers, the media and anyone in-between...

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