Monday, April 10, 2006

Innovation, the mother of all successful biotechnology ventures

I would love for projects such as the Vermont maple sugar biofuel project to come to the fore. This is a role model to innovation in biotechnology. I specifically liked the part, where everything had been thought of, down to the fuel proportions for petroleum to derived oil of 80:20 to avoid fuel gelling in the cold in Vermont.

This goes to show that "fossil" fuels, can be derived from lesser fossilized plants, and help prolong the use of oil in the industry, till the alternate fuel technologies, innovate and grow as, not just sporadic incidences of good news splashed across expensive science magazines, but get inculcated into day-to-day life.

Even if we start using nuclear power torch-light batteries, energy conservation and efficiency will remain an issue. Innovation in these areas, will be key, at every point of time in the future.

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