Monday, April 10, 2006

Can we rely on petridish cancer treatments?

News, can often be misleading, or over-reaching, the way it is reported. When I first came across the title, "Ginger, pepper can treat cancers", I was thrilled, and excited -- finally being a vegetarian seemed to pay off.

What a let down it was to later discover, that these studies are still on the lab-dish stage, or the mouse stage, both of which are several steps removed from producing any credible results in humans yet.

Do not mistake me. It is not my effort to discredit these results. However, there is a long way to go from showing something on the dish, to being able to take it to the human patient. I wish the researchers all the best of luck in their efforts.

However, I also wish, the reporters would curb their enthusiasm. These type of news-article titles are looked forward to by eager patients waiting for a miracle to happen. False promises might not help them in their daily struggle against the dreaded disease of cancer.

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