Monday, March 23, 2009

Where should you go for choosing the materials for your device?

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I am not one for rehashing press releases by publishers of expensive documents. There is always time to make exceptions (if not hay in sunshine), however. In any case, I need to disclose that I did go to the MPMD Conference in 2007 and took classes for two days. It was quite an educative experience. In that context, you may judge the objectivity of my posting about the ASM Materials Database here.

But all that egotistical legal mumbo-jumbo aside, what I found extremely fascinating was not actually the materials database - it was the classification of devices. Don't get me wrong. Having a list of materials, with data sheets and everything is very important.

What I liked was how they split up the devices by category. Some day I hope to lay my hands on the catalog myself, but for now, I am glad that device designers have some possibly excellent reference material on their hands...

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