Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Where does medical device design inspiration come from? Sometimes, from within

We are always looking for inspiration. I wonder why, even though I have long suffered sinusitis, I was never inspired by it, to create a cure. However, this story, pending results of trials, seems to speak of the success of Acclarent Inc.(http://www.acclarent.com/)

To finer details, the FDA approved their ballon sinuplasty device sometime last summer. They are conducting a trial with 100 patients, results of which are anticipated this September.

Only hundred or so doctors have embraced the procedure.

There have been complaints about FDA negligence, as the approval was based on a study on 10 patients. This is not new, but given the positive feedback that has ensued so far, one would not have too much reason to worry.

The story seems to have made sudden news with the advent of spring, although with all this rain, spring still seems a long way away.

Hopefully, we will all have more updates on this device soon. One day, I hope to walk in and get the procedure done. Who would not want fewer migraines?

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