Friday, September 15, 2017

Help me gift an AAAS student membership

AAAS - American Association for Advancement of Science

Help me help with a STEM/Human Experiment!

AAAS recently communicated to me that as a member, I have the opportunity to gift an undergraduate or graduate student a year's worth of membership for $25 as an investment in the future of STEM. People I know personally are either ineligible or members themselves. I think more students should engage with AAAS as early as possible. Certainly, I would have benefited!

So here is my offer:

This year, I would like to offer ONE student membership for $25, to one student, as long as they are eligible as defined by AAAS and are hopefully a student in one of the STEM areas.

In the future years, should they or another of the half a dozen or so Professional Membership Organizations offer such deals, I would, based on the level of interest, like to sponsor more students.

Anyone who wishes to express their opinion on this notion can leave a comment, or send me an email at yamanoor at gmail dot com. Your thoughts are appreciated!

The help I seek from you

Very simple. Are you a student who would put a year's worth of membership at AAAS if you are eligible (link provided at the bottom, please check). Essentially, you will need a "dot edu" email address. So, possibly high school students may be eligible(?), but I am not sure, and I am not sure if you are ready for an AAAS membership. If you think you can benefit from it, do contact me.

If you are not a student, do you know a student with a dot edu address that can benefit from an AAAS membership? If so, please send me the relevant information as required by the link below, or have them contact me.

I would like the student to confirm that they signed up after I make the necessary payment. This way I can close this request.

What I am promising

This is a simple membership. You don't have to tell me anything about why you/the student is deserving of it. I am going to follow an honor system here. I am also going to follow a first come first serve basis here. As soon as I make the offer and the student (hopefully) confirms they took up the offer, I will update this post. Or, alas, if no one expresses interest, I will update so by October 1, after the deadline has passed. I hope it doesn't come to that!

What I hope you do if you take up the membership

Please enjoy it as much as you can! If you feel up to it, drop me a line and tell me if and how much use you got out of it. It might help me plan for the future.

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