Saturday, June 25, 2011

On Scott Brown's unfactual rant...

It is like a scene from a bad cowboy movie. Or, a Chuck Norris episode, with GMC trucks and everything. Scott Brown was probably "coached" by his friends at some of the Biotech companies which have impressed on how they have to "train" FDA officials who are regulating them.

Equipped with this, he went and stood in front of a whole bunch of his Biotech friends in some dog and pony show in Massachusetts in his probably inimitable style, that gives no credence to facts or reality.

Here is a dose of what he is purported to have set. "Whether it’s the FDA, EPA or the “ABCDEFG, you name it — there’s so much overregulation right now,” he said. “When you go overseas, the processes are down, they’re set.”".

Too bad, entry into the U.S. Senate is not even under-regulated you say?

Well, according to Scott Brown's constituents, you have to drive certain vehicles, and take money from donors and recite what they ask you to say. See, the process are down, they're set!

Fighting with facts!

You may not like how the FDA regulates things. And if you choose to do so, you can fight in a way that doesn't make you look like a special-plastic smelling aficionado! Just don't do what Scotty here has done - ranting so poorly that one of the FDA spokespeople who he might deem "lacking in mental capability" was able to come out and say that Scott Brown is mostly, if not completely wrong - without having to try hard! As to mental capabilities, what do they say about it taking one to knowing...

Given that more devices and drugs have been approved over the past decade than ever before, and given that the US is still one of the safest bets as far as medical standards go, Scott Brown's statements make him look very eligible to hire himself out to children's parties for some quality entertainment, which some cynical people might deem all politicians to be eligible for...


Armed with the unfortunate ability that renders any ill-minded person to register "non-profits" in the US, a couple of them have engaged in all kinds of cacophony about "over regulation", "loss of competitiveness" and other terms that they can express without developing even a superfluous understanding for.

While the people of a state should observe and regulate their regulatory agencies, it has to be done without rants and forged reports. Bring up the facts, and urge patient-oriented action, not profit or donor oriented action.

Consulting "Experts" - the wrong way

On the other hand, Senator Franken got too excited and has asked the FDA to consult "experts" in the device industry before making changes to device approval processes. Er., should the cop stop you on the freeway and consult you on whether you were speeding or how much the ticket should cost you?

The right way

Health advocacy agencies that don't take money from biotech and device firms; consumer non-profits and other members of the public who have an understanding that goes beyond the sound-bites handed to US senators should be the ones most actively engaged in discussing any industry's state of regulations.

Senators, biotech companies and others have a right to fight regulations too, if they plan to do it with facts, sanity and coherence. That day, pigs plan to fly...





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