Friday, December 17, 2010

Quick Post: Are others (guests) allowed to post on this blog?

One of the many tools I use with this blog is "skribit". It is a really cool tool and I guess it's usage will grow over time. The tool, when installed as a widget allows readers and passers-by to leave notes on what they would see a blogger write about.

Of course, it appears that this tool seems to be growing gradually...or maybe not many of the readers here having been noticing..please do! Tell me what you want to write about (be decent now) and I will try to fit it in. It would be my pleasure to know what it is that people are looking for. I do look at the keyword searches that land people here, but that is not as accurate as someone saying.. "do this"!

To learn more about skribit, visit:

Are guest posts allowed?

Absolutely! We have already done this before, and I have learned a couple of lessons and I will state my sparse ground rules, but yes, given how busy I am, and my other web design and blogging demands, I would love guest posts!

The Rules

The first rule is, there are rules..alright, that's a bit much. Here goes:

1. Please keep things related to medical devices, biotechnology, bioengineering, entrepreneurship, synthetic biology or some such thing that people who read this blog might find relevant and interesting. It might be good if you and I discussed things beforehand.

2. No plagiarizing - no copying papers etc. Please provide sufficient references. You don't have to be an MLA expert or an "Endnote" jockey, just make sure you clearly mention where anything quoted comes from!

3. Keep it interesting and honest. Interesting is hard to define and is more a "post-production" revelation than anything else. Honesty is really important! If you want your product, service or company pitched, it is probably better to just ask me, and I will do it if it is credible and/or interesting. If you are posting for a class project, then mention it. Do let people know who you are and where any of your fiduciary responsibilities might be.

I always say, honesty may or may not be the best policy, but it is fairly good!

That's it -hopefully that was simple and useful. I will leave this as a sticky on the sidebar for future reference!

Until next time!


Mauren said...

How can I get in touch with you to talk about a possible guest blogging topic?

Srihari Yamanoor said...

Mauren, please feel free to contact me: yamanoor at gmail dot come or srihari at yamanoor dot com