Friday, April 02, 2010

Off Topic: Bad at medical practice? Want to sit on it and gain cheap attention? Violate the Hippocratic oath and assail Obama

Frankly, I don't know how discussing unfit Doctors should not be allowed to practice is off-topic on a medical device blog, since the industry counts on Doctors going through years of medical school and making sure that their "doors always stay open".

Seeking Cheap Attention

Whether it is lack of talent or a desire to be on TV, even if it is just Fox, there are a lot of people who will do anything. This particular "Doctor" in Florida left a notice to his patients that had voted for Obama to go get healthcare elsewhere.

I really hope they do.

Why self-regulation never works

Unfortunately, because of how the medical profession licenses and regulates itself, we cannot do anything to fellows like Dr. Cassell or the Doctor who allowed the "octo-mom". They are still allowed to "practice".

Ethical behavior is seen as a line item in the medical profession. This news item has been around for so many hours and so far almost none of the medical associations have derided his behavior...

Who else is to blame?

Of course, we know that just like with everything, there are idiots among Doctors too. For those medical colleges that may be handing out medical degrees online to their students, there is some such thing as the Hippocratic Oath.

Oh well, I do not blame Doctors like this for their cheapness.

We need to find out what University awarded this fellow his degree, and if any of us are his Alma Maters' Doctors' patients, we need to stop going to all of them.

How much sicker than this can it get? Unfortunately, we miss two things:

1. We cannot punish arrogant stupidity

2. We cannot reform this type of "sickness" no matter what.

And therein lies the rub....

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