Thursday, January 21, 2010

Restart reform? Restart what? Come again...?

In the aftermath of the Floridization of Massachusetts and the election of a rather unimportant and inexperienced, fake trucker to one of the senate seats among a 100, one thing has come to light for sure - in the 21st century, people and politicians alike, still lack a sense of size and proportion.

Low quality newspapers, news studios and pundits controlled by shady folks such as Rupert Murdoch have claimed the death of healthcare and of the Democrat administration in general. Except, if you actually look at it logically, it makes no apparent sense for all the obvious reasons - the Democrats hold majorities in both houses, the President is a Democrat and so on...

And today, USA Today polled the usual suspects, that is one thousand randomly selected people and about 55% percent of them claim that "Democrats must restart the reform process and make it inclusive for the Republicans".

Might as well ask for a horse with the thing on it's head...

Okay, let's look at it:

Today the voice of the Republican party borders on manic. There is a certain laissez-faire with which an issue that could potentially leave 30 - 40 million Americans without any respite for their health problems is treated by the "Republican" leadership.

While Grassley is involved in solo essay writing contests to companies (at least he is doing something), several Republican senators are simply jubilant, awaiting their chance to simply block any legislation put forth in the name of healthcare reform.

Acting Responsibly

If it is indeed true that the lofty minded folks of Massachusetts voted to mirror the "nation's anger" on the one-sidedness of healthcare reform, will these lofty people communicate with the Republican leadership and make sure that they don't simply stall any new "restarted reform" legislation that get's thrown their way?

Highly unlikely, right?

Then what is the point of misdirecting your anger at someone who is trying something rather than someone who is trying, er, nothing? At least nothing productive?

Think and vote.

Not, vote and ignore.

The role of the Democrats

In all this, the Democrats had a major role to play. When the tea parties and other drivel showed up last year, they did not mobilize themselves properly.

And, enough with the infighting already! They should have punished Joe Lieberman for going AWOL. They should have made Bob Nelson toe the party line. They should actually be doing this right now - he caused some major delays and played a large role in this PR debacle.

Finally, the Democrats really need to understand what they are reforming and market it properly to the voting public.

Oh, and someone should tell them, they have majorities in both houses and the President!

Will all this happen?

With so much time having been wasted on disconnecting themselves from the public and passing the reform, the Democrats have also fallen way behind in job creation, immigration reform and other key issues. It is close to impossible that they will get any important legislation passed this year, or through the first portion of Obama's Presidentship.

So, from the next post, we will be back to digging our heals into medical devices, whistle-blower lawsuits, medicine recalls and such...

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