Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chaaraka is back!

Well, not Chaaraka, the great Indian Medicine Man of the ages, but this blog. About a month ago, I became incredibly pre-occupied, and was not able to blog much.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Galaxy, Google or Blogger or both lost it after being infected by a trojan (not of that brand), a virus, or something and designated, Chaaraka among other blogger blogs around the planet as "unsafe". After lamenting, screaming, begging, whining and performing other acts of wisdom, the blog is back up now. Read about it here

What happened in the interim?

As usual, stents were proved to be both effective and ineffective (Click here.

The "Gold Member" of Austin Powers fame, is now a "medical device" of "Saudi" Powers fame. Click here to find out about the phallus of the century.

And, we heard that Smoking may be "injurious to your health" but it is good for national healthcare spending....Click "aqui"

Elsewhere fools the true winners in healthcare rushed in... ici!

Amazing what happens when you are gone, isn't it? Well, I am forcing myself to be back, even if I really am not able to be back yet...

What next?

Some insights into how to have a health-care debate! Watch out this space!!!

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