Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blog Brief: Medical Technology Funding - relaying good news

I first saw this posted on the sfmedengineers group, and on searching, found out that Mediligence had this blog on medical technology funding. It appears that amidst all the bad news and coerced good news, medical device companies seem to be enjoying the cliched "green shoots".

Amidst shying VCs and dried up funding wells, $300mn for a month appears to be quite a sum for 2009. Hopefully, this also means there is some sanity to the ideas that are being funded. A cursory glance does show that it is not a bunch of stent companies that received money.

So, here's to hoping we are in for a period of rationality. One easy way to find out if irrationality has returned, obviously would be a good count of highly ambiguous device ideas, companies that don't even have device ideas, ideas or even an i, and of course, my favorite, stent companies.

Till then, let's hope we see some real medical needs be solved, as opposed to the future Madit-CRT in waitings. (Madit CRT - the act of "If at first you don't succeed or obtain a large population size, simply say everyone has a disease and implant a potentially volatile shock device close to their hearts".)

Here is the link to the companies that received funding in the past month:


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