Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Generic Pharma: Why India should stop babbling and rambling and start acting like the world leader it wants to be

The Premise

Very quickly: Stung by the fact that it is not just IT that India has a stereotypical leadership in, but also in generic pharma, Europe has resorted to shoddy tricks such as "customs seizures" on India's shipments of generics drugs.

The Rant

The 21st century is here. While a large portion of the world would like to look forward, Europeans would like to use "monopoly" and "copyright" to try and re-live the centuries past (and Australians will kill Indian students in merriment and no, of course they are not a racist nation, God forbid!).

You only have to pick up the paper to find out that Europe has issues with federal bailouts, Intel, Microsoft and anything with a remote chance of working. Why not? After all, it must be too hard to actually do work, right? Other than extremely expensive cars (whose manufacturers are also being bought up by Indians), what, if anything has Europe made by way of real global contribution in the recent past?

Or what, if anything is Europe going to be able to contribute by way of scientific progress or economic prowess? In a tiny continent where every island and street likes to call itself a country, they have joined forces to become a cabal of backward looking nonsense.

On to India

Of course, we all know that. But what is wrong with my fellow country men and women? We continue to launch "protests" while British Airways or the French Airports would treat us like dirt and Australians come out and kill us straight.

The days of groveling before the "master" are long gone my dear dinosaur-mother-land!

We need to wake up to a new Indian reality. Do we need motivation?

Just look at China. Ask one of the geniuses, anyone from the Clintons to Merkel to point a finger at China, which now wants to tell its folks what websites they can browse. We don't have to get to that level of ridiculousness, but we definitely need to start making a lot of noise - you know, like how we drive those Elephants off our streets.

If the Dutch seize our shipment or Frankfurt wants to sit on our pills for a month, how about suing them?

How about calling their Ambassadors and demanding an explanation?

How about summoning their Kings (the Dutch still have a King, go figure) and asking them some intriguing questions on discrimination?

How about holding up the next round of "World" "Trade" ""Talks"" till the European countries explicitly promise to stop nonsense-mongering?

Hey, how about a long, cold and slow investigation on Dutch and German shipments to India for "copyright violations"? Remember, the British taught us bureaucracy. How about using it other than on someone Indian?

The Congress got re-elected and Rahul Gandhi appointed "young and old" politicians to various ministries. Fine. How about appointing some aggressive and assertive folks that will push India out of the "East India" mentality into the 20-frigging-first-century.

It is so tired to be one among 1.08 billion (and counting) people with truck loads of market potential, a land size and definitely a population that is probably larger than Europe's and having to watch this unravel on a daily basis.

Of what use are Indian organizations and Associations if they cannot be alert and act assertively? We shouldn't become the catch-all filter for the West to harass us!

Whither the necessary spirit?



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