Monday, May 25, 2009

The Democrats plan to fix the FDA: Give them more responsibilities...

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Okay, this is going to be a much shorter post. In the last few months, we have all had the wonderful opportunity to realize:

1. The FDA did not have any clear plans for device or pharmaceutical regulation and on top of that wanted to retain "status quo" by preventing anyone else but itself to continue the bungling via "preemption".

2. The FDA never actually bothered to really regulate the food industry, and stood by watching as people became infested with disease or worse, died.

3. The FDA also let go of it's responsibilities to monitor DTC - Direct to Consumer ads. This is where the new tobacco nonsense comes in. Let's get back to point 3 in a bit.

4. The FDA engaged in very poor device review process, and is now re-reviewing some of the same devices that it approved...

5. The FDA threatened it's employees when they complained about their voicing protests of its questionable track record.

Given that there are so many examples to prove points 1 through 5, you would think the Democrats and the Obama Administration would do one of the following:

1. Perform a thorough review of device/drug approvals and streamline the process.

2. Not pass up an excellent opportunity to split up the FDA into two, possibly three organizations so that there will be no more excuses for the lack of efficiency with which they have been doing things.

3. Not load the FDA with new responsibilities as they continue to struggle through failure to perform the most basic of their existing functions...

Instead, of course, they want the FDA to regulate tobacco ads, just not tobacco. I am not going to go into an extended diatribe about what this entails, because it is quite evident:

Neither President Obama nor the rest of the Democrats have much of an idea or clue about what to do with the FDA. They will do one thing to fix the problem though - throw more money and responsibilities at it...

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Anonymous said...

Does FDA stand for F-ed up Devices Altogether?