Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blogging for fun: - The science of Dr. House..."ataxia"

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The premise: I watch way too much House, M.D. - I mean waaaay too much. More than the pills Hugh Laurie scores on the show.

And they keep throwing Kawasaki's Disease, Sarcoidosis, Ataxia, Leukemias, Lymphomas and what not.

And epithets like

"Idiopathic is a term used by idiots who cannot figure out what's going on"

"These procedures would be much simpler if we could perform them on healthy people."

"Relative to its size, the Gorilla has the smallest penis size of any animal."

"Relative to its size, the barnacle has the largest penis size of any animal."

So, I thought why not get something out of it, rather than just watch the show to Kingdom come...


Ataxia is the inability of the Brain to control the patient's muscles during voluntary movement.

Ataxia is usually caused by diseases in the Cerebellum.

The symptoms present themselves as the inability to conduct basic voluntary movements, inability to walk straight, staggering and so on.

So, until the next obsessive House, M.D. Episode...

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