Thursday, November 06, 2008

So, is there one thing that is not wrong with the FDA? Maybe Grassley should start checking off things that are right...

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Okay, so the FDA cannot get one thing right:

1. They have a very, very poor record on approvals - Avandia, Celebrex, Vioxx, Drug Eluting Stents (being continually approved despite the fact that EVERY single one of them has performance issues, fatalities and demonstrated weakness compared to medical treatment)

2. They have been so ineffective that companies openly disrespect them - before warning Bayer, the FDA did indicate to them that there was trouble brewing. Bayer didn't care. Take a look at the DTC ads by "Dr." Jarvik and how much pain even Congress had to go through to take him off air (yes, I was one of the folks duped by the ads with him as well, and I am still smarting!).

3. The website that the FDA put together on DTC ads to "inform" consumers was designed by a "non-profit" (which of course helps put all the good non-profits to shame) that is a front for the mob, er, pharmaceutical companies. This just makes me sound like one of those Area 51 conspiracy freaks, but this is real! :

And oh well, now this!

4. The FDA mismanaged and harassed its own employees - overpaying them and then threatening them with collection letters and such...

It makes you wonder if the FDA is deliberately harassing its employees to make sure it helps filter any possible talent that may even accidentally enter the FDA so that it can, in the words of someone we are all trying to forget "pall around with the pharma and medical device companies"!

This at a time when the FDA has brazenly sought more money to hire 1,300 hapless souls so that they can underpay them or overpay them only to shower them with collection letters and insult and humiliate them as much as possible.

In times of steeped economic strife, they must be getting special kicks out of this.

It makes one wonder, how "change" can be brought to the FDA!

Will it be Grassley who effects this? Or will we be just adding more bullets to describe the miracle that the FDA is as years pass....

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