Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Who said you can't take it all with you? Medicare doesn't think so...

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Ever wonder why the CMS is in so much trouble? Why there is forever little money to support your claims? Why there is always a threat that CMS might just implode on its own?

Well, it has mostly to do with a weird religion that CMS practices - it's called "honoring dead doctor's billing requests"

Its a strange religion, but a very serene one. Following this religion means you look past material needs - such as safeguarding the public money you are using to write checks. After all, I am being taxed out of my very existence so that some fraud in Miami can bill CMS to Kingdom come (and beyond, for the dead Doctors). That's how it has always been, and that's how it should always be.

This CMS religion also chafes at the modern society for its demand that intelligence be used in the practice of day to day business activities. After all, we need some society or organization to remind us that human evolution is a necessary condition for progress.

By demonstrating absolute lack of intelligence in any and all aspects of conducting their business, CMS is actually helping us appreciate evolution.

Or, if creationism was your thing, then CMS does a double pronged roadshow - it helps you understand God's other creatures that display even rudimentary forms of intelligence (like the Jelly Fish, for example) and also helps you believe in life after death.

This is a topic of mild controversy however, especially on the evolution side.

Some evolution experts tend to believe that CMS is living proof that evolution does not always "progress". Many a time it can "regress". Wait till these "experts" send in their requests for wheelchairs, and glucose monitoring strips....

$92 million. And no one is taking the blame. Congress is playing some weird investigationary musical chairs game, requesting information on billing from randomly selected doctors while CMS continues, with absolutely no remorse and regard for what they have done.

Are you worried about your future and the future of your health care?

You should be. For very good reasons.

"Fraud and abuse in the context of Medicare-covered durable medical equipment has been a focal point of ours in recent years," said CMS spokesman Jeff Nelligan.

Yes, we understand. And CMS has done a very good job focusing.

Now, all we need is for someone else to take charge and have CMS focus on something other than patronizing fraud and abuse....

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petes2cents said...

I am in shock and appalled on how the government just allows criminals to get away with all sorts of white collar crime. This Medicare fraud has been going on from 2000 to 2007, and probably still going on...It is unbelievable that our powerful government, with cutting edge technology, does not have the internal controls, to either prevent this type of crime to happen or at least keep it to a minimum.

Isn't there a system that can cross reference a prescription, that is being processed from a deceased physician ? Geeze, I can probably whip one up by dinner time.

And the beauty of it all is, that at the end of the day, we the consumers, the tax payers, will continue to pay for all the mistakes in government, like fools. Healthcare will continue to rise, to the point, that the entire system will collapse, just like real estate, commodities, and the stock market. And this collapse is coming soon and maybe right around the corner.