Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Off Topic: Customer Relationship, "Jigsaw" and the funnies

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Well medical device companies have customers as well right? At least not all of us can afford to sell squeaky hips under the guise that they would outlast time itself...

So this may not be so off-topic after all!

Here is a funny thing that happened to me with respect to "Jigsaw" a social networking, online card-exchange, and oh yes, differentiated as "Professional" grade company.

So, I open up my email today morning and Jigsaw sends me a WEBINAR invitation with the title "Take care of your customers or someone else will".

So funny, ha ha.

A few weeks ago, they sent me a survey. Being the oh, so diligent survey filler I am, I filled their survey.

I had some suggestions to make for their survey.

I contacted their support team with regards to it.

My email to the survey-send address bounced.

I duly forwarded that also to their support.

Never heard back!!!

Follow what you preach...or not, eh?!

1 comment:

Sharodindu said...

nice one....'really hear to ur customers or some one eslse will do it'...'customers are never stolen they just walk out'
these are very common sentences used in marketing arena these day...wat ur feeling towards 'fire a customer'?