Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guest Post: Cell Phone Camera Becomes Medical Microscope

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Many physicians are finding convenient and cutting-edge uses for their handheld technology these days. This is particularly true for doctors who use various medical applications with their iPhones. However, ABC reports that a recent breakthrough has been made with a simple cell phone camera. There is now a device that can turn that camera into a medical microscope.

This recent invention is courtesy of doctors and biophysicists at the University of California. Known as the "Cellscope," its inventors first intended it to be used in underdeveloped countries where medical equipment is scarce. However, it may have an even broader appeal throughout the world.

By using the Cellscope device on a cell phone with a camera, a magnified picture can be taken. Not only that, but it can be emailed with the assistance of Bluetooth technology and a wi-fi connection. With more cities worldwide being connected to wi-fi, it isn't implausible to imagine a physician taking a picture with the Cellscope and emailing it to a lab or colleague with very little ease.

The researchers who are working on the project have suggested several other uses for the camera. It could be used at home, for example, when a patient would like to send a picture of a skin condition to their doctor. Or, perhaps cancer patients could even monitor their own blood cell counts at home.

If you think the Cellscope is a great idea, you aren't the only fan of the project. Microsoft has just extended $100,000 to the Cellscope project in order to help complete the development. This could be something huge for the medical community in the near future.

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