Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Medical Devices Blog: Noticed by the alma mater...

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If you have paid enough attention to my profile, you will realize my alma mater is Stanford University. I am very proud of having been a student of a University that represents a clear and ambitious vision for education and progress.

On a more mundane note, Stanford is trying to list the blogs being published its students, faculties, employees, alumni and other stakeholders alike - a truly vast undertaking indeed!

I submitted my blog and got listed! I do hope I get some traffic from this reliable back link to foster discussions and education on medical devices, biotechnology and related industries.

If you are from Stanford, you might want to pay a visit to to either get listed or to take a look at the dozens of amazing blogs being posted there.

If you are not from Stanford, You should also check back with your alma mater to see if they offer similar services.

Kudos Stanford!

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