Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MRSA, UCSF, Homophobia and General Idiocy - how they destroyed one school's credibility

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Here is how they linked MRSA to gay men in San Francisco.

They had a suspicion that MRSA and MSM had a link, so...

They took a look at a few charts in San Francisco.

They took a look at a few charts in Boston, because gay men don't (or maybe can't?) live there (another stereotype - hey, when you are dealing with one, why not throw in a few more..).

And they said, well yes, people in San Francisco have MRSA infections. San Francisco has the Castro Area. Another stereotype of the Castro? Gay Men having anal sex in abandon.

Now, lets put two and two together and publish a "scientific" paper.

Why do they "regret" the fact that they were trying to stress "general population" and "Mommy, no one gets what I am trying to say, boohoo?!!"?

What, do you think we are all just a bunch of idiots?

You work at the University of California, "SAN FRANCISCO"

In case you need more help, the University of California where you work, is in San Francisco.

San Francisco is in the United States! Whopee!

And in the US, there are people who don't like gay men.

So, how is it that you did not realize that your irresponsible "scientific" publication will be misused?

See here is my gripe. Commonsense and Scientific Prowess cannot be independent of each other.

It may very well be true that MSM may have higher incidences of MRSA and that may be linked back to unsafe sex practices. It is not just your responsibility to point, laugh and then leave. As scientists and Doctors, it is your primary responsibility to make sure messages come across in the right way.

Here are some hints for your next publication, "There may be a link. Further reports are needed. While we continue our research, we are asking people to practice safer sex. There is some indication that MSM may be at higher risk, and so our message reaches out to them as well".

This way you wont hand out a bunch of homophobes some premium quality PR material.

Or, here is another hint. Now that your irresponsibility has become so self-evident, please, just don't publish anymore...

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Marla said...

You will notice that Fresno, CA is the only city within the entire nation to react to the mrsa panic by increasing medical benefits for various departments, now working on ways to increase benefits for ALL city employees. They have a secret - spreading of deadly bacteria including pathogens from mrsa, behind felony altering of the city sewer and water systems, verified by witnesses and their own records. KNOWINGLY leaving a trail of illness, asthma, infections, amputation, death - refusing to even test the soil, as the risk analyst says, "Not my job." But lying about the cause of DELIBERATE and INTENTIONAL exposure to infectious, disease-carrying raw sewage is?!? Followed by altered records to cover up the evidence?
If anyone has contracted mrsa in Fresno, CA, there is enough evidence of fraud, blatant negligence and cover-up, which will surely result in massive lawsuits.