Saturday, December 01, 2007

It is World AIDS Day Today. How can you contribute?

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This is not a question I am trying to answer for you. This is a question I am trying to answer for myself. On the outside, it would seem that the biggest benefit we can derive for AIDS is by going out and finding some cure.

However, if you have paid the slightest amount of attention on the problem of AIDS and the HIV virus, you know that a cure is not very forthcoming any time soon, and that even the most successful therapies, resemble a finger placed on a dam wall to save Holland..

So what is it that I as a single unit do to contribute to the cause of fighting HIV/AIDS?

For starters: Remove I. Think Team. Yes, as the cliche goes, there is no I in team. And, this is one more of those situations where cliches don't hurt.

There are several small and large steps that have been identified and recommended for people in the fight against AIDS. I did a quick brainstorm and came up with these:

1. Advocate the practice of safe sex, and where possible abstinence.

2. The article on the link [Click on the title of this post] recommends proper nutrition for HIV+ individuals, especially in those that have the onset of AIDS already. If you know someone who has AIDS, make sure they are on a proper diet. If you don't know someone personally, donate to the cause.

3. Donate whatever you can to the cause for a cure for AIDS

4. Be responsible. Always demand that blood gets checked before any transfusion.

5. Do not under any circumstances share needles with another person.

6. Do not reuse your needles, if you are taking medicines for legitimate purposes. While this has nothing to do with HIV, it is important to follow good hygenic practices.

7. Ensure that you dispose of any needles you may personally use appropriately, so that no one will be able to retrieve and reuse them. This is a major problem in several regions around the world.

8. Educate yourself. Educate those around you. Join HIV advocacy groups when and where possible and volunteer your time, energy and, if you have the luxury to do so, your money.

Are there other things a person can do? I am sure there are. If so, do write in. I would like to hear them, and so would several people, I am sure!

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