Thursday, November 08, 2007

A cryptic one: They call it "money talking". I call it "Dinosaurs Rising"...

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(I feel like the Oracle today. You are going to have to visit the link and some of my archives to get the full purport of what I am trying to post here)

It has taken them so long. This letter, that has come up with the alacrity of a brontosaur from the Triassic Period, very much reminds me of the cow like portrayal that Spielberg did in Jurassic Park.

I am still not happy. Is this letter going to do anything? Where did the number 31 VCs come from? Does it take them SO LONG to come up with one measly letter? And the end-result of their co-operation is a letter? Is that the show of the strength? I seem to have more respect for the TV show writers..! Is anyone paying attention anymore...?

Oh well, one would hope so! If I am wrong, and if this is indeed "money talking" and not "Dinosaur Rising", then it might help us to get rid of H.R. 1908, the maniacal child of a miscarried intellect...

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