Friday, September 21, 2007

Patent Law reform struggles shows disunity and ignorance of start ups and VCs alike..

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Here is what is so interesting. CNET picks a guy off the street, and now I don't even remember if he is a VC or an inventor (you will see why no one needs to remember him soon enough) and he says he did not even know about the patent reform bill till it had passed in Congress.

Now, isn't that great. If all entrepreneurs and VCs ensure that they stay this disinformed, and ensure that they do too little to late, we can see more such bizzare anti - startup laws show up at every turn.

Contrast this to the larger, corporate organizations. They seem to be at each other's throats all the time, and when the time comes they are all singing the same song on Capitol Hill. The whole "at your throat" thing soon looks like it was part of some mating ritual!

It is imperative that start ups, their founders and other stake holders decide to do something about this lack of unity soon. This is especially so for companies in the biotechnology and medical device realm. Otherwise, before they realize it, making their companies barely functional itself might seem so much harder....
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