Saturday, August 25, 2007

What difference does a $1.65 make to you?

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To some, it could mean getting the year's largest investment deal, or not..

In somewhat of a funny way the series E round of $110 mn USD that Globus Medical raised, leads the amount raised by CardioNet, another medical device company by just $1.65.

It does seem like a coincidence, but I would say someone, somewhere has a sense of humor after all.

Sense of humor aside, one would wonder are we at the front end of a bubble that is just forming, or is there really a lot of money to be invested in medical devices?

Before shooting off, remember neither Globus Medical nor CardioNet are new companies flittering around with a bunch of prototypes. They are both well-established companies, that have been around for a while, have been selling products and are not doing too bad themselves.

So these companies might not even be good examples of venture funding. However, it does seem encouraging that at many levels, Venture Capital firms trust medical device companies quiet a bit.

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