Tuesday, July 03, 2007

An Interesting medical device for pregnancies..inducing natural child birth

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Given the recent spate in medical device investments, sometimes one wonders where all the opportunities are. Every now and then, a fresh device (atleast to me) comes out of the realm of cardiovascular health, cerebrovascular health, etc. all of which have been beaten to death by devices, both good and bad...

Though this device doesn't stray too far from the emancipated plumbing equipment category such as stents and balloons, the application is quite interesting.

Cervical Ripening is key to a natural delivery, and can be very helpful in avoiding unwanted Cesarean procedures as well. The two balloon action in the two different anatomies is a simple and elegant solution.

Just the introduction of a device doesn't mean it is successful, and only time can tell how much the device is used, and how effective it is.

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