Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bogus Research: Now, eating is a cause for cancer

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Idiocy has its own place and one of those places is not research, especially nutritional research. But heck, that is where there seems to be a concentration of really stupid people masking themselves as researchers doing some very idiotic things in the name of science...

This one is a serious competitor for the Darwin Awards and I would recommend it without skipping a beat. So these geniuses walked around town, for no rhyme or reason picking grapefruit as their chosen culprit, asking cancer patients if they ate grapefruits.

Having found that many women with breast cancer also eat grapefruits, they have concluded, hinted or whatever that grapefruits can cause cancer.

Let me extrapolate this "scientific technique".

No offense to anyone who is ill, but if I walked around and asked a 1000 diabetics if they eat or pee, knowing that the answer would be a 100% affirmative, I could conclude that eating and urinating are two very probable causes of diabetes, and patients should avoid both!

How did these "researchers" try to identify grapefruit as a link to breast cancer? Do they have any historic evidence? Are there any known chemicals that activate or deactivate any genes?

It is such irresponsible and reprehensible nonsense that populates medical research with a lot of scat that confounds, confuses and more importantly scares the general public through immaculate ineptness. Any efforts to bring such bogus researchers to justice is not in sight, atleast in the near future.

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