Friday, July 27, 2007

And, thus, ended the lawsuits...Kyphon and Medtronic: The marriage follows the divorce

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Medtronic acquiring Kyphone never seemed like an intellectual challenge to think up. The "synergy" that gets thrown around in these press releases actually existed for both companies.

One wonders, why then, it took Medtronic so loooong. And while waiting to learn that Kyphon may be a good buy, Medtronic and Kyphon were not shy to sue and counter-sue each other for patent infringement. Even that didn't seem to offer a clue. Or maybe, Medtronic didn't have the cash. While that's hard to believe, they might have waited for Kyphon to turn into a juicier buy.

Meanwhile, there must be atleast two law firms with partners laughing their way to the banks...

Kyphon, will indeed be a feather on Medtronics' cap.

And so, they may now say: "Look before you sue!"

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