Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nanotechnology: EPA regulations leave one with more questions than answers..

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The EPA is now going to regulate the use of silver as a pesticide in its "nano" form. However, they have made some controversial decisions, and don't relent unless there is a lot of pressure. This leads one to wonder if the EPA is the appropriate agency to regulate the use of nano-silver. They do not seem to be too concerned to use appropriate regulation as long as the "labeling" suits their choice. This could be an indicator of a dangerous trend...

I am not against industry by any means. However, shouldnt industries be made responsible to test out their products for safety before they run away with the idea of bottling and selling their latest concoction?

Otherwise this could become like all those smokers suing Marlboro to pay for their lung CT scans - ridiculous.

One wonders why governments are excessively reluctant to fix things the first time!

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